Rohatu General Supplies Ltd

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd is a Uganda based 100% citizen owned company trading in the full range service in the field of Medical equipment and Biomedical Engineering; Consultancy, Supplies, and Project Management. Founded by the Ugandans in 2018, we are a young and aggressive company dedicated to becoming a market leader in the implementation of the latest technologies and treatments in medicine and laboratory diagnostics. We make it our mission to acquire knowledge, and further use this knowledge to serve each one of our clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our company has vast experience and knowledge of international standards in the Medical Industry, and we are proud to announce our involvement in the supply and management of Medical, Surgical, Imaging, Dental, Laboratory and Animal Health equipment and accessories.

We import and market healthcare & medical equipment, consumables and solutions for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical suppliers and NGOs supporting health cares in Uganda and East African region through our dedicated sales force and appointed agents

Our Mission

To offer our portfolio of reputable brands to our clients, doctors and hospitals with committed professional service and quality products through maintaining high business ethics and focusing on our customer`s needs

Our vision

To be a market leader and preferred provider of medical devices, equipment and instrumentation while implementing innovative medical treatments to replace outdated traditional procedures and technologies

Rohatu General Supplies is a trading company that is result driven.

we supply medical equipments ranging from medical refrigerators, Microscopes, medical kits, medical gloves and other related medical equipments.

Our goal is to be the leading supplies company in the African Market, to guarantee the highest quality of its products and services and to be a team of people charged with a corporate directive to achieve and maintain Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our Products and Services

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd
Training and Maintenance

ROHATU General supplies Limited provides training on site and at special train centres for all high end equipment that we supply. We are able to provide annual maintenance and spares to ensure that the instruments work at optimal levels. Some of the general Medical & laboratory Instruments supplied:Shakers & Stirrers,Hot Plates,Ovens and Incubators, Laboratory Glassware - full range, Autoclaves and Accessories, DNA Sequencers,UV-VIs spectrometers, X-Ray spectrometers, FTI ... Read more

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd
Product range

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of high-quality medical devices for healthcare facilities. Our extensive range of medical devices include among others; Autoclaves for CSSD operations, complete range of surgical equipment, stainless steel hollow-ware, full range of hospital furniture, patient monitors, cardiac monitors, mental health equipment, physiotherapy equipment, blood transfusion equipment, dental equipment and accessories.Read more

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd
Competitive Tenders

We regularly participate in Competitive Tenders for supply of Medical Equipment, consumables and Pharmaceutical products. We specialize in putting together packages to supply a wide range of equipment and consumables under one contract. Our strength in sourcing a wide range of equipment coupled with our technically qualified team on site enables us to complete turnkey projects covering supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of all products supplied by ourse ... Read more

Rohatu General Supplies Ltd
Supply base

ROHATU General Supplies Limited has established long term agreements with a number of world class accredited manufacturers of medical equipment. This allows us to source quality products at competitive prices and enables us to customize products for each market to make them more suitable for their particular environment. Our service engineers are regularly trained by the equipment manufacturers to ensure that every product supplied to the Hospitals, clients or laborat ... Read more

We have also supplied a number of private and Government Hospital with Medical Equipments ensuring the best quality in the market as per the International Medical Standards. Explore our Products

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